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Materials Policy
Special Orders | Non-Stock
Customer Policy

Stock Material
Pricing of materials is included in current pricing for all items using standard or stock materials. The stock materials and colors are shown on our website for these items. (See STOCK MATERIALS Here)

Special Orders / Non-Stock Materials
For any order requiring the purchase of non-stock material the customer will be charged the cost of that material starting at ¼ sheet (minimum size 12”X24” - Pricing varies by supplier/material). Quantities of items using non-stock material on the originating order will determine the amount ordered.

  • Unused material will be held for that customer for future orders utilizing that same material. Material will be held until depleted by additional orders from the originating customer OR 3 calendar months has elapsed from the originating order. (These materials have a “shelf life” to guarantee engraving or handling results.)
  • “Stock Material” costs already included in our standard pricing will be credited on the order as the non-stock material cost has already been paid by the customer. This cost is calculated at $0.03/ square inch. (EX: 2”X8” desk sign with 16” square inches of stock plate material would credit $0.48 to the order.)
  • Customer must reference the Material Code or Order Number when re-ordering items using that material. These references will be supplied with shipped items from the originating order.
Customer Supplied Materials
We can NOT guarantee results on materials which did not originate from sales through Roanoke Custom Products (Roanoke Stamp & Seal) and, therefore, can NOT accept them. We do NOT accept unique, rare or vintage items or material.

Materials sent to us by a customer which were used and supplied with items purchased from RCP / RSSCO will be utilized. However, customer acknowledges the following risks:
  • Materials have changed or been replaced and our processes have upgraded over time. If, for any reason, we need to replace or substitute ?customer supplied material we will match it as closely as is possible.
  • Due to manufacturing processes the same material may have slight production lot differences.
  • Age and exposure of the original material may result in color differences in replacement material.

We encourage customers to contact us for special or non-stock material items and will do all we can to accommodate these requests.