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Maggie: Domestic Long Hair

Birthday: May 7, 2015
Adopted by Roanoke Custom Products: May 22, 2017
Current Weight: 8.9 lbs
The name "Maggie" was chosen from a company wide naming contest. When she first arrived, she would cling to different people in the building, "like a magnet", and that is where the name "Maggie" came from.

She enjoys resting on keyboards, in mail baskets and inside empty boxes. She is very good at using the corrugated cardboard scratching pads and doesn't claw on chairs or other furniture.
Maggie can often be seen walking the wall tops around cubicles or sitting at the glass main entrance watching the outside. She does indulge in the joys of catnip and cat grass, when available. Roanoke Custom Products does have a substance abuse policy, however, Maggie seems to have a discrete supplier.

She also has a variety diet of both dry and wet food. She can get a little jumpy if someone forgets her mid-afternoon wet snack.

She does have the furry markings of a "Maine Coon" which may indicate a connection in her background. She is very relaxed, well-tempered and enjoys attention. She likes being held but generally will not sit as a "lap cat". She would rather sit on your paperwork and watch.

As far as we know, she hasn't caught the red laser pointer dot yet. She seems quite dedicated to trying whenever she sees it.

Maggie is not shy. She does not hide when new people visit. If you are in the neighborhood, come on by for a visit and catch a cat nap!